Wageningen Campus Student Expedition wrap-up

Published on
April 25, 2024

On Tuesday 23 April and Wednesday 24 April the Wageningen Campus Student Expedition took place again, with an overwhelming number of registrations, over 300! 16 organisations located on Wageningen Campus, including the Business & Science Park Wageningen location, opened their doors for students to visit! In 1 hour, they were given a tour, a presentation, or another form of introduction about the organisation they had chosen.

Students had the opportunity to discover the business and daily activities of the organisations, to learn about internship and job opportunities and to network with employees. Collaboration emerged as a prominent theme, with organisations emphasising the value of working together on campus to share knowledge, address needs, but also to share research facilities. Wageningen campus is not only an ideal location to collaborate with other organisations, but also with students. Therefore, there was a focus on internship and job opportunities during the two-day expedition.

The students at the expedition also identified the importance of collaborations on campus and occasionally inquired about joint projects and about opportunities for themselves. One of the conclusions of the expedition was the value of collaboration both between organisations and with students.

Moreover, these tours also offered the organisations a chance to show the innovations underway across campus, highlighting hands-on research with practical applications. Discussions with students revolved around future strategies, technology integration, and personal growth opportunities. There was in-depth curiosity and enthusiasm among participants for the diversity of research taking place at campus. Lastly, the diversity on campus was another noteworthy aspect, with organisations and employees from many different countries and cultures. Organisations offered opportunities not only locally in Wageningen, but globally.

Attending student Sophie explained: β€˜It offered a great opportunity to get a glimpse of a company before starting an application process.’ And another student mentioned: β€˜I really appreciated the transparency of the organisations and the insight into the lives of employees and into facilities present. But also, their transparency about clients and suppliers.’

All in all, an amazing edition of the Wageningen Campus Student Expedition. One with focus on opportunities, collaborations, innovations, and diversity. All themes which Wageningen Campus is proud to be a driver of. Thanks to all the students for joining and the following organisations for opening their doors: Surfix Diagnostics, AgroCares, KeyGene, NIOO-KNAW, ATKB - adviesbureau voor bodem, water en ecologie, Greencovery, AlgaePARC 2.0 (WUR), KWS Group Vegetables, Witteveen+Bos, Kalsec Inc., FrieslandCampina, NoPalm Ingredients, MetaMeta, Eurofins Agro & Horti NL and OnePlanet Research Center / IMEC!