The Facilities

Wageningen Campus provides facilities to study, work, experiment research and meet up in our collaborative effort to find answers. From workspaces, libraries and other general facilities to state-of-the-art research equipment open to all researchers on campus, to meeting spaces for dialogue and inspiration.

The campus offers has a diverse range of facilities, including workstations, a library, shops an art route and a sports centre. There are several restaurants, open for campus residents and their visitors, for example in the university buildings, including The Spot in Orion, The Grand Café in Forum, a coffee corner in Leeuwenborch and the Impulse restaurant and the faculty club in Omnia. Campus Plaza offers various restaurants and terraces too. But also, the restaurant in the Unilever building is open for the campus residents & their visitors and at the Business Science Park Wageningen Meet & Eat is the place to be.

Take special note of the Expat Center Food Valley, which assists high-trained migrants in their relocation. The Expat Center has all the knowledge and experience to help you relocate highly skilled migrants relocate to the Netherlands easily. They also have in-house desks for the IND and the municipality of Wageningen. 

Daycare Prins Vleermuis

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Expat Center Food Valley

Language Center


Sports Centre De Bongerd

Vaccinatiecentrum Wageningen

WUR Library

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Public Workstations

Many campus buildings provide workstations where visitors can quietly work.

The most important public workstations are found in Impulse and in the education buildings Orion, Forum, Aurora and in Leeuwenborch. However, workstations are also made available in other buildings. You can ask for a WIFI code at the reception. Registration is not necessary.

Research facilities

Shared Research Facilities allow researchers to use advanced research equipment from WUR and other R&D organisations on Wageningen Campus. All researchers, whether from universities, research institutes or companies, can use the available equipment. Facilities range from advanced research facilities at laboratory scale to state-of-the-art facilities for pilot-scale biorefinery, food conversion, climate rooms, greenhouses, aquatic research facilities and experimental fields for crop research at, for example, Unifarm, Phenomea, AlgaePARC, and the Wageningen Data Competence Center.

Take a look at all the facilities Wageningen Campus has to offer.

Shared Research Facilities


Technical Development Studio

The Field


Meeting Facilities

Wageningen Campus provides a space for anything from a meeting to organizing an event. Between Dialogue Centre Omnia and the debate and meeting location Impulse there’s room for an informal cup of coffee, a concert, workshops or a symposium. Take a look at Meet & Eat in the Business and Science Park Wageningen as well: for a drink, a lunch or a meeting room.



Meet & Eat BSPW