Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy visits Wageningen Campus

Published on
May 27, 2023

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Micky Adriaansens, spoke during F&A Next about the importance and impact of Dutch knowledge on international sustainability. She took the opportunity to also become acquainted with the Wageningen innovation ecosystem.

“Innovation in a mission-driven economy”, that was the theme of the minister's speech at F&A Next. Dutch knowledge must contribute to major societal challenges, such as climate change and healthy food for a growing world population. Wageningen has many knowledge-intensive companies that contribute to this and the minister wanted to know why they are landing here. She discussed this theme further in a round table discussion with companies, from start-ups to international companies that start their R&D activities at Wageningen Campus.

Together with Foodvalley NL, a platform for innovation and transition of the global food system, this was further discussed during a tour of the PlusUltra business complex. There, the minister visited OnePlanet Research Center, an innovative collaboration between WUR, Radboud University, IMEC and the Province of Gelderland. The minister also spoke to researchers and entrepreneurs about the great need for high-quality laboratories where knowledge and facilities can be shared.

“On campus we bring together parties that work on solutions for complex and cross-border issues, F&A Next is a good example of this. This integrated 'Wageningen' approach is interesting for the minister to become acquainted with and to gain insights into the role of the ministry in this ecosystem.' says Rens Buchwaldt, member of the Executive Board, who accompanied her on this visit.