Construction of the new Plus Ultra III building recently commenced

Published on
May 16, 2024

The new Plus Ultra III building forms the last of three collective buildings spacing innovative startups, scale-ups, research facilities and other organisations in the agrifood and lifesciences domain. The Plus Ultra buildings act as a hub for innovation and impactful initiatives, fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration, and knowledge exchange within the vibrant environment of Wageningen Campus.

Plus Ultra III will be a unique and future proof building. It will have five floors and should be finished within a year. Built almost entirely of wood (CLT), it sets the standard for sustainability in construction. With a CO2-negative footprint and extensive use of recycled materials, the building aligns with the sustainability objectives of Wageningen Campus. Adaptability was also considered in the design of the structure, installations and fittings, so that the building can meet the needs of developing companies or new tenants.

The development of the new building will allow for new public space between the three Plus Ultra buildings. It will contain different spaces and a connecting central piece of furniture. The entrances of all buildings are located on this public space, which will be traffic-free and suitable for events. Scattered around the buildings, nesting facilities for various animals will be created. Campus ecologist Wieger Wamelink will assist in creating the layout of the greenery around the new building. He explains that the location of facilities for fauna is key, but it is currently lacking or not well-placed. The greenery will be improved in Plus Ultra style with benches, decorative plants and paving.

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