Spatial Data for Biodiversity Hackathon

We invite you to attend a hackathon on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 October at the Akoesticum Ede on the topic of “Spatial Data for Biodiversity”. We need your participation to rise to the challenge of using spatial data to map the cumulative effect of stressors on biodiversity and provide actionable spatial data, maps and tools for public managers and stakeholders to better preserve biodiversity in the Netherlands.

Organised by Wageningen Data Competence Center

Mon 23 October 2023 until Tue 24 October 2023

Venue Akoesticum, Ede, The Netherlands

The hackathon will be implemented by Wageningen University & Research. It will challenge students, researchers, data scientists, biodiversity experts, and AI and GIS enthusiasts. To represent different ecosystems we will focus our data selection and mapping on three case study areas: the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and around the Veluwe.

Since we know your organization is already working biodiversity in the Netherlands, we would be delighted to have you among the supporters of the hackathon. We can offer several ways for your organization to be involved:

We hope that this event will create value for several different stakeholder organizations and provide a great opportunity for networking and public awareness. There will be a professional photographer and videographer present at the event.

To know more about the hackathon and to shape your possible contribution, please reply by the 31st of May and we will schedule a meeting to exchange ideas on this. If we haven’t heard from you by then, I may contact you to see if you are interested in attending and to explain the content a little further.

I hope that we will be able to collaborate with you on this event and remain available for any additional information you may need.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

On behalf of the organization of the ‘Spatial data for Biodiversity’ Hackathon,

Jenny Lazebnik

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