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Proficiency testing WEPAL-QUASIMEME

Wageningen University & Research has advanced facilities for proficiency testing and reference material covered within WEPAL-QUASIMEME. Routine laboratory performance studies are organised by WEPAL-QUASIMEME and provide the basis of external quality assurance for institutes that make regular chemical measurements in the terrestrial, aquatic and/or marine environment. Accredited proficiency testing programmes are offered to laboratories worldwide. Each of the programmes covers a wide range of determinants. WEPAL-QUASIMEME has experiences in the organisation of proficiency testing since the early 1950s and is accredited for the organisation of Interlaboratory Studies according to ISO17043 since 2000. The Organisation is also compliant to ISO9000 and ISO14001.

    WEPAL-QUASIMEME provides even more than just proficiency testing schemes. Participants may use the results of the proficiency tests to:

    The WEPAL-QUASIMEME facility of Wageningen University & Research is supported by two Scientific Advisory Boards consisting of experts in the field, one for the terrestrial and one for the marine components.


    WEPAL-QUASIMEME also offers samples from the proficiency test schemes as reference material. These can be used for method development or as reference samples for internal quality control.

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    In addition, WEPAL-QUASIMEME provides development exercises for e.g. emergent pollutants or in case of problems with analytical methodology and workshops for discussion and improvement in methodology. WEPAL-QUASIMEME is interactive, participants may always request specific determinants and matrices for inclusion in the programme and make suggestions for development exercises and workshop topics for e.g. emergent pollutants. A Helpdesk, supported by experts in the field, is available for participants.

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