Lunchconcert: Timecruise

Allround music we are traveling through time from the 1930s to the present time. We are playing coffee music as well as music to dance to, like evergreens, Country, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Rock ‘n roll and disco. This band has started in 2014, all musicians have lot of experience, we have played at various festivals, private parties as well as company parties, cafes, hotel Papi in Spain.

Organisator Impulse

di 1 november 2022 12:30 tot 13:30

Prijsomschrijving Gratis toegang


Marjan Kampinga – Singer

Alphonso Henninger – saxophone and keyboard

Leo Henninger – Guitar

Roland van den Bergh - Bass

Bert Jansen – drums

Roy Henninger – Guitar and singer