quality test  chemicals in manure & compost

International Manure and Refuse Sample Exchange Programme - MARSEP

Proficiency tests

Participation is open to all laboratories.

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Test programme Manure and Refuse
Number of rounds 4 per year
Number of samples 4 per round
Sample size 20 g
Origin Natural source

General information

  • The sample types/matrices are chosen to represent the materials which you normally analyse.
  • The samples included in this programme are compost, organic fertilizer and sewage sludge.
  • The samples are dried, milled and sieved to <0.5 mm.
  • The homogeneity of each batch of samples is tested on a selection of parameters.
  • The dried samples are stable over a number of years when stored at room temperature.
  • You analyze the test materials according to your normal validated methods and procedures for those elements and parameters you are interested in.
  • Your results are processed at WEPAL/QUASIMEME and published every 3 months under confidential code names.
  • The reports contain all data, statistical evaluation including Z-score plots and method information about the method used.
  • Your reports are available within 3 weeks after deadline
  • New determinands can be added on request.

Determinands and analysis

Major and Trace elements

Determinand group

  • Inorganic Chemical Composition (Major and trace elements)

Click here for more detailed information about the determinands and the scope of accreditation.

Other determinations

Determinand group

  • Other determinations (Halogenated hydrocarbons, LOI)

Click here for more detailed information about the determinands and the scope of accreditation.

How to participate

Complete the application form and return it by email.


Fees depend on your choice of programme and your preferred number of rounds per year.

Web shop

When available, leftover samples, to be used as reference materials, can be ordered in the WEPAL/QUASIMEME webshop. Participants are entitled to a discount.