FrieslandCampina, building number A

The FrieslandCampina building houses research facilities, laboratories, a pilot plant and offices. In the experience centre, the innovation kitchen and the tasting bakery, visitors and employees of FrieslandCampina from all over the world can taste, smell and feel products in an inspiring environment.

Address Bronland 20
6708 WH Wageningen
Tel. 0317-711100
Sustainability plays a major part in the development of the new building; this is expressed in the inclusion of facilities such as a heat/cold storage and solar panels. The building has a BREEAM certificate. This certificate is granted based on health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use, and more. The Innovation Centre has received a ‘Very good’ rating.

Sustainability was already a main focus point during the design of the building. Apart from the heat/cold storage and solar panels, the building also uses green gas: biogas generated at the member dairy farms (acquired through certificates). The building also has a high degree of insulation and uses an innovative adiabatic cooling system. The lighting is highly efficient; LED lighting is used wherever possible. There are charging stations for electric cars, bicycles and scooters. The staff are also given access to showers to encourage the use of bicycles.

All buildings on Wageningen Campus have a unique building number or letter. Signs with directions to the various locations of the numbered buildings are placed along all major access roads to Wageningen. A route description to the individual buildings is available near the location. The building number of FrieslandCampina is A.