Campus Plaza, building number E

Campus Plaza is a multifunctional building with student housing and other facilities. Part of the student housing units has been designed as short stay units. The studios are fully furnished. Everything on campus is within walking distance and the Wageningen city centre is also within reach.

Address Bronland 4
6708 PB Wageningen
Tel. 088-2353896

Small retailers and catering are located on the ground floor of the building: AH2go, Subway, Karadag Bakeries & Grill, Jimmy’s Pasta & Pizza and Doppio espresso bar. The inner area is arranged as a common area for the residents and has a green and rolling character.

All buildings on Wageningen Campus have a unique building number or letter. Signs with directions to the various locations of the numbered buildings are placed along all major access roads to Wageningen. A route description to the individual buildings is available near the location. The building number of Campus Plaza is E.