Review - Wadjda Movie Screening

Published on
April 1, 2019

On wednesday the 6th of March, many of you joined us at gaia to watch the movie screening of Wadjda. Spoiler alert! Wadjda managed, with her witty confidence to finally ride a bike, being a girl in Saudi-Arabia. Even though riding bikes is not allowed for girls in Saudi-Arabia.

Esha Shah introduced the evening talking about womens rights and the several waves of feminism that brought us the rights for women in Europe. But maybe we should not take womens rights for granted, since the rise of populist right-wing movements in Europe may threaten these rights.

The Wadjda movie was bittersweet, showcasing how women and men are treated differently in Saudi-Arabia on one side and the cleverness and heart-warming determination of Wadjda on the other side.