Recap: iWeek 2016

Published on
July 11, 2016

With the iWeek in our backs we have closed off one of the last this year’s activities behind us. The iWeek proved once again to be a real community effort from the beginning to the end. We made it together with the volunteers, the Ppauw community, the workshop leaders and the many friends and new faces joining in for the workshops.

Ppauw, where most of the activities took place, was an absolutely stunning and inspirational place to be. We are very grateful for all the knowledge they shared with everybody and we hope the iWeek contributed to their wish to build a strong community with many links to the Wageningen community.

This year the iWeek was pretty much set up by a group of volunteers. They chose the Dragon Dreaming method as an organization tool and as a dreaming method. In the process they came to the conclusion they wanted to focus on ‘Green Living’, that they wanted to create a space where many people would be able to share their knowledge and wisdom on sustainability and boy did they!

In the run up to the iWeek it turned out we had to make some real choices with regards to the overwhelming richness of choice we were confronted with. Such is the magic of the Wageningen sustainability underground. The experimental side of the iWeek coordination team showed in the desire to use a crowdbased approach in choosing the content of the program using a Facebook poll.

In the end the program was rich with workshops on all sorts of things relating to sustainability mainly focused on either skillsharing (think of permaculture, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, bicycle repairing, deodorant and toothpaste making and more) or on the social aspects of sustainable living (like an introduction into transition towns, agroecology farmers movements but also definitely non-violent or compassionate communication).

The big surprise definitely was the children’s program with the Murga people escorting us through the forest after we were read a story about the giant lady of the forest by a gnome.

The community sense really came to a peak at the party at the end of the week with the band playing in the ‘earthship’ Het Modderschip and the campfire outside.

And so we are looking back at yet another really enjoyable iWeek in which we could enjoy the beauty of Ppauw and everybody attending, the superinteresting workshops and the great food.

At last we want to thank the volunteers once more. Lovely people, we know that you didn’t not have much time to organize a program of 4 days (!!!). We have seen how much effort you put into this, how much you all have run into some real ‘lessons’. We have learned much from it ourselves.

Thank you for all the efforts and we hope to see you and everybody else in the future!