Inner Sustainability Practice #7

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Sat 1 June 2019 10:00 to 13:00

Venue Forest entrance Ecovillage Ppauw, Scheidingslaan 1

On Saturday morning June 1st, we will have our 7th and last Saturday morning Inner Sustainability Practice session for this academic year, topping it off with the immersive iWEEK Summer School from 6 - 14 July that allows for a much deeper and intensive exploration of our inner sustainability.

We wanted this last session to be a special one, so we have invited the wonderful sustainable education and personal leadership trainer Maaike Boumans, coming all the way from Amsterdam!

Maaike is an expert at the Art of Hosting and works with Authentic Leadership in Action globally. She works as a facilitator in various countries and contexts and specialises in multi-cultural dialogue to assist community leaders in creating positive societal change. Her work is rooted in new ways of learning, organising and working together around issues that matter. She has founded Bright Future Lab (, an innovative sustainability and leadership program for high school and university students, aimed to build their capacity to respond to our world's biggest challenges.

We will soon share a description of her workshop and the online form to subscribe for it. So stay tuned!

Some background info on the Inner Sustainability Practice

After a successful iWEEK summer training on 'wild wisdom' in July last year, OtherWise will continue exploring the topics of connection to nature, sustainable activism and our personal role and voice in the challenges of these times through monthly 'inner sustainability' workshops. In order to build a sustainable world, we need to (re-) connect to the web of life: to ourselves, to others and to the nature around us. When we truly connect rather than to separate ourselves, we feel empathy, and from empathy comes the willingness to support and take action that is in line with life. The Inner Sustainability workshops are a chance to discover sustainability from within, as well as to meet, exchange and keep up a regular practice of nature-based methods.

Our team of three behind the Inner Sustainability Practice is not professionally accredited in the methodologies and exercises we guide you through. However, the themes of the workshops are not new to us either. Some methods we encountered on our paths in workshops and trainings, really captured our hearts. We felt a strong urge to share these ‘inner sustainable’ experiences with you. So being on this big learning-journey ourselves, we hope - by practicing together with you – for us all to grow!