ROSSA project works on improving sanitation in Adama, Ethiopia

Published on
March 9, 2015
The project Resource Oriented Sanitation Services in Adama (ROSSA) has made significant progress towards establishing sustainable value chain sanitation service provision for inhabitants of three neighbourhoods in the city of Adama. Some of the project’s recent milestones include: opening of the toilet bazaar, where people can see and select one of the low-cost toilets they can invest in; designing of the public toilets unit with a consequent treatment; and the construction of a pilot plant for treatment of faecal sludge from Adama.

Together with capacity building and awareness programs for local stakeholders, such as urban community led total sanitation and safety for sanitation workers, the ROSSA project provides software and hardware for improving the sanitation situation in Adama. LeAF’s tasks include activities related to the design and operation of the treatment of sanitary waste, with a focus on nutrient recovery for agricultural purposes.

The ROSSA project is coordinated by Waterboard Hollandse Delta and financed by the NWB fund, Aqua4all, Waterboard Hollandse Delta and in-kind contributions of partner organizations. Dutch partners in the project are, next to LeAF, the Waterboards Hunze en Aa’s and Zuiderzeeland, WASTE, UNESCO-IHE and the Municipality of Urk.

For more information about the project you can visit the project website.  For information about LeAF’s activities you can contact Darja Kragic Kok.