LeAF director Marjo Lexmond starts new challenge at Wageningen University

Published on
May 31, 2018

As of June 1st Marjo Lexmond will end her tasks as director of LeAF, which she has fulfilled for nearly 13 years. Marjo will focus on her position as interim programme director for the BSc and MSc programmes Environment Sciences and Climate Studies of Wageningen University. She will remain involved in LeAF’s activities by joining the Supervisory Board. Tiemen Nanninga has been appointed as her replacement.

Marjo joined LeAF (then known as the Environmental Protection & Resource Conservation Foundation) as a consultant in October 1999. She replaced Jules van Lier as the director in October 2005 after van Lier became Personal Professor Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment for Reuse and Irrigation at Wageningen University. Marjo has successfully led LeAF through economic challenges and developed the organisation from a non-profit foundation to professional SME.

During these years Marjo has successfully committed herself to the development of LeAF and its staff. Her leadership style is characterised by trust, autonomy, freedom and responsibility, which is much valued by the employees. Her interest in the human side of the management as well as healthy dose of humour were highly appreciated.

Tiemen Nanninga joined LeAF in 2012 as a consultant. He has since specialised himself in New Sanitation and education innovation projects where technology is used to attain specific development objectives. Nanninga: “LeAF is formed by its staff, which is a group of experts and specialist who are passionate about and committed to their work. It is an honour to lead the organisation and follow in the footsteps of the previous directors. Safe reuse of resources recovered from waste and wastewater is one of the biggest challenges that the Circular Economy faces. I look forward to working with this enthusiastic team on topics such as removal of micropollutants, safe agricultural reuse of nutrients, organic matter and water, cooperation between stakeholders in wastewater systems and the implementation of innovative and integrated wastewater projects.”

LeAF BV is an independent research and consultancy organisation that implements its knowledge, expertise and research facilities in the area of treatment and purification of solid and liquid residues (waste and wastewater) and in the recovery and reuse of water, energy, nutrients and other valuable resources. In this way, we contribute to the realization of a permanent change towards sustainability. Established from and located at the sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen UR, we have access to a broad range of complementary and state-of-the-art knowledge in the area of sustainability, (biobased) technology, micropollutants and environment. When needed or desired, we share forces with other organisations from our extensive network.

For more information you can contact Tiemen Nanninga.