Gaming for urban circular economy

Published on
January 26, 2017

LeAF has successfully developed - in cooperation with the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation group of Wageningen University & Research - a computer assisted role-playing game for simulating real-life challenges in urban waste and wastewater management.  

Making the idea of resource recovery from urban waste work, calls for mobilization of a large number of different actors and applying combination of approaches to work towards integrated solutions. Technical, economic, institutional, cultural and social aspects, all need to be addressed in projects aiming at resource recovery. In addition, a range of social factors play a crucial role in acceptance of the use of human waste in agricultural systems.

Role-playing games have proven to be an open and engaging way to disseminate information, affect perceptions, establish communication among stakeholders, and thus facilitate ways towards solution.

The developed computer assisted role-playing game was tested in Adama, Ethiopia – at one of the closing events of the ROSSA (Resource Oriented Sanitation Services in Adama) project. Key stakeholders of city of Adama jointly experienced simulation of the real-life challenges in urban waste management. The stakeholders’ feedback revealed that the novelty of the approach was highly appreciated, as well as the practicality of the simulation.

By applying innovative approaches for stimulation of the dialogue between the city stakeholders, LeAF contributes to sustainable future solutions.

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