Climate change proof sanitation in Jordan

Published on
May 24, 2016

LeAF and Royal HaskonigDHV, together with a team of Jordanian experts, have recently started to work on a feasibility study for decentralized sanitation options, including wastewater collection, treatment and reuse, for two Rehab villages in the North of Jordan.

Optimal reuse of treated wastewaters, for example in agriculture, is a crucial climate change adaptation measure in a water-stressed country like Jordan. This project is the preparation for subsequent implementation of the selected sanitation solution that fits the local conditions and brings environmental and social benefits, while being economically sustainable. LeAF will contribute to the project by fine tuning decentralized sanitation concepts in general, and designing wastewater treatment technologies for two villages in particular.

The feasibility study will be done in the context of the bilateral GIZ project “Wastewater management for adaptation to climate change in Jordan”, which started in 2014 to support Jordan to develop its capacity by dealing with climate change adaptation measures in the water sector.

For more information about the project please contact Darja Kragic Kok