Tiemen Nanninga (MSc)

Director / Sanitation specialist


New Sanitation, sustainable management of waste(water), recovery and reuse of resources (water, energy, nutrients), legal aspects of local wastewater treatment and reuse, local and decentralised wastewater treatment systems including constructed wetlands, international development and irrigation.


Tiemen Nanninga has more than 10 years experience with decentralised (local) treatment of, and recovery of resources from, domestic wastewater and organic residue streams. He performs feasbility studies on the application and consequences of New Sanitation projects in the built environment, as well as local treatment of wastewater in rural areas. Tiemen is involved in the development, start-up and monitoring of multiplie innovation- and pilot projects.

He has a Master in International Land and Water Management with specialisation in Irrigation and Water Engineering from Wageningen University, and an Advanced Master in International Development programme from Radboud University, Nijmegen. Based on this background, his approach to projects is multi-disciplinary. The technological expertise is integrated with social, legal, governance and economic aspects.

Tiemen is also the director of LeAF.


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