NEWEN was an environmental cooperation and capacity building programme with partners from six universities in the Western Balkans and three universities and institutes in The Netherlands.

The main focus of the programme  was to develop a network of universities in the region, to contribute to environmental capacity building at these universities and strengthen the cooperation between Western Balkan and Dutch universities. To implement the programme all activities were clustered in groups, so-called activity clusters. The clusters Environmental Education and Research and Capacity Building aimed at support for the Western Balkans universities in the field of education, research and future staff. Another cluster, Environmental monitoring, specifically focused on enhancing knowledge and expertise of students and young researchers in the field of environmental monitoring and assessment. The cluster Regional Networking aimed at bringing the research results to local stakeholders and policy makers and work jointly on solutions.


LeAF acted as project coordinator and was responsible for project management and project cluster on Regional Networking.


NEWEN was financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Regional Programme on Environment, Western Balkan and  ran from October 2008 to May 2011.