Tim McAllister

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada

Professor Tim McAllister is the principle research scientist of ruminant nutrition and microbiology at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.His research focuses on microbiology, nutrition and beef production and on food and environmental safety issues related to livestock production, strategies for mitigation of Escherichia coli O157:H7, prion inactivation within the environment, and studies of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria in feedlots.

He also has extensive research experience in GHG emissions within animals from manure and the impact of manure handling procedures, such as composting, on emissions. He is a Member and past president (1999), Canadian Society of Animal Science, and Member of Alberta Veterinary Research Institute Council.

He was the lead author and Canadian representative on the IPCC Global Greenhouse Gas Inventories and a contributing author on the IPCC Agriculture, Food and Other Land Use. He is Advisor to the Canadian Cattlemen's Association Expert Committee on E. coli O157:H7. Tim McAllister won the 2016 Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation.