Liesje Mommer

Wageningen University and Research

Dr Liesje Mommer is a professor of Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). She works in the field of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning and takes a mechanistic approach to belowground processes: soil biodiversity, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, soil-borne pathogen suppression and climate resilience. Currently, she leads a team of several PhDs, postdocs and staff as well as international consortia to work on these scientific topics. She is a highly cited scientist, and her ambition is to be able to use the ecological insights to develop diversified, sustainable cropping systems. Dr Mommer has initiated and leads the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative (WBI), a WUR network of researchers which strives to make a strong and significant contribution to “bending the curve of biodiversity loss”. The WBI aims to connect and inspire both transformative research and education in order to collectively develop integrated perspectives for pressing societal challenges related to climate, nature, food security and social justice. At WBI, Dr Mommer is responsible for formulating research projects and investment proposals on biodiversity in the food system, human-wildlife interactions, multiple values of nature and green landscapes; supports the development of transformative education programs, and works with business developers to create impact for biodiversity within the food industry and other stakeholders in society.