Research projects

Cofunded call 2016

In May 2017, following peer review evaluation by a panel of international experts, 10 projects were selected to receive funding in the frame of the FACCE ERA-GAS Cofund.

The ten projects funded under the 1st FACCE ERA-GAS Joint Call involve 71 project partners from 15 different countries across Europe, New Zealand and the U.S. Working on scales as small as the microbes inhabiting the rumen of cattle and sheep all the way up to remote sensing information from satellites, the project teams will work to develop greenhouse gas solutions that go beyond the local context.

To learn more about each of the projects, read the factsheets which provide information on the project consortium, the project aims, approach and expected results.

Joint call 2018 of the ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS, SusAn and ICT-AGRI

Call on “Novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in animal production systems”

In October 2018, a joint call of the ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS, SusAn and ICT-AGRI was launched by 27 national public Funding Parties from 20 European countries and 4 Associated or Third Party countries. A total amount of approx. 17.0M € were provisionally reserved by the participating Funding Parties. In due time 24 eligible proposals were submitted. After a reviewing process by experts, 8 projects were selected for funding. Project start dates are between October 2019 and February 2020 with a duration of 36 months.

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