Promoting a healthy diet and physical activity in recipients of social assistance

Published on
October 20, 2014

AGORA has conducted a literature study to the approach of the municipality of Ede in preparation to the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle for recipients of social assistance.

The municipality of Ede makes preparations to stimulate a healthy diet in recipients of social assistance. A literature study by AGORA shows that the approach of the municipality of Ede is unique and progressive. The approach anticipates to the new responsibilities of municipalities in the context of the transitions in the social domain. Furthermore, it connects the theme health to the theme work and income. In order to be more successful, the municipality of Ede could expand the focus from nutrition to physical activity.

The lifestyle programme "Beleef Mee" for recipients of social assistance has started in the municipality of Apeldoorn in September. AGORA will evaluate this programme in autumn 2014, using interviews among participants and professionals.

Click here for the research report.