IWEEK Training 2020 "A Journey From I to We"

Organised by Stichting Otherwise Wageningen

Sun 5 July 2020 19:30 until Sat 11 July 2020 13:00

Venue Wageningen

5 - 11 July 2020 - "A Journey from I to WE" - iWEEK training on (re)connection to yourself, others, and nature.

The iWEEK continues! In these times of quarantine and 1,5 meter distance, we feel it is even more important to emphasise the importance of feeling connected to the world and fostering those connections. Our yearly summer school will be organised this year in an ‘Online and Outside’-format in Wageningen, adhering to the corona guidelines so we can meet each other in a safe way. Also the iWEEK is now also open for non-students and people of all ages.

The iWEEK is designed to give you tools and experiential knowledge on how to deal with and address major societal and environmental challenges of our time. It is an i(nteractive)WEEK with workshops and spaces to exchange, allowing you to explore the principle of inner sustainability: how do you relate to others, yourself and nature?

Sustainability is oftentimes discussed within the realm of technological solutions, policy measures or innovations. This could be called the 'outside' of sustainability. However there is also a growing awareness that at the base we are intricately connected to all life. This could be called the 'inside' of sustainability. When the awareness of this interconnectedness is not experienced, this can give feelings of isolation, disconnectedness and a loss of respect for other lives, including the natural environment. As long as other people and other life forms are recognised as part of a whole that we all belong to, it becomes very difficult to do harm to another being. When this connectedness is experienced consciously, decisions are made differently than when we presume to be on our own. This embodied sense of sustainability and interconnectedness is what we call 'Inner Sustainability'.

For more on this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqB4ryiS4cY&t=5shttp://www.barmhartigheid.nl/inspiratie/ontdek-binnenkant-duurzaamheid/

When talking about sustainability, we often try to find solutions that should be implemented in the world, but most of us struggle to develop sustainable ways of living in practice in our personal lives and in society. We lack space to reflect on a deeper level on how we want to relate to ourselves, others and the non-human living environment, and we lack a vision in our hearts from where we can initiate a regenerative culture. The global environmental crisis needs more than technical solutions, it needs people who feel connected and who know how to shape a new future within the entanglement of current confusion. The iWEEK is an experimental playground for social innovation, aimed to inspire you and show a different, more intimate way of relating to the world is possible. We invite you to become inspired through interaction with others, your own intuition and various nature- and community based practices.

In this week we will take a journey 'From I to WE', by fostering connection and compassion. We will inspire you to reconnect to yourself, to others and to the living environment around us. What does it mean ‘to be connected’ at all these levels? Why is it important? What keeps us away from connecting, and what can we do then? We will question and experience through embodied exercises what this all means to us and what it could mean to the world. 

= What you can expect =
• Discovering creative and intuitive methods in personal development, communication, and nature connection.

• Active and embodied exercises that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone• An interactive group process in which we aim to create a bedding in which we can open up to each other

• Getting in touch with your own power as well as with the power of being together and being in nature!

• Explore what this all can mean in your daily life and projects. In this journey, nature will be our guide and mentor.

= Program =

The program of the iWEEK 2020 can be found here:


We will have as much sessions outside as possible. As it is now, we will spend half of the time outside. But if circumstances allow, we will increase our time outside even more.

= Who is this training for =
This training is open for everyone. We invite everyone who is looking for a chance to balance the predominantly rational and individualistic lifestyle that is the status quo in our society with a more embodied, emphatic and communal way of knowing, relating and being. Because all outside sessions are given in Wageningen or surroundings, we focus on Wageningen residents. Previous years the iWEEK was focused on students, recent graduates and PhD's. This year we decided on not having an age restriction. 

= Participation fee =

We apply two different participation fees for this training:

• students: €75

• non-student - regular: €150

= Sign up =

You can register via this online form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L5DWaFBeHketY8Ji5KRsBvVTHALQiQosyT1vUYDi5Lw/edit?fbclid=IwAR0e7NpgL2PDiFq-Hq4NmVKYJBGiDJI4HUNDI64WDtPVQDJinqGe6AIN3MM&pli=1

Deadline to subscribe is Monday 22th June 2020. A maximum of 20 participants can join.

Stay tuned and we hope to connect with you this summer!