Wageningen has twelve primary schools with different backgrounds and teaching methods and one school for special education.

The Pantarijn school offers secondary education from VMBO (literally: "preparatory middle-level applied education") to VWO (literally:"preparatory scholarly education") as well as at Gymnasium level (VWO with Latin and Greek).

Schools in Wageningen

Ede and other municipalities in the direct vicinity of Wageningen, such as Veenendaal and Doorwerth, also have a broad range of primary and secondary education.

Schools in Ede

There is an international school for primary and secondary education in Arnhem. Arnhem is about 25 kilometres away from Wageningen and is easily accessible by bus or train.

International School Arnhem

Additionally, there are also two Regional Training Centres (ROCs) in the region: Rijn IJssel in Wageningen and ROCA12 in Ede. The Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede) is also located in Ede.