Wageningen Campus is growing!


Wageningen Campus is growing!

Published on
October 28, 2019

A highlight was celebrated on Wageningen Campus once again this week - that of Plus Ultra II. The building, the property of Kadans, is to house StartLife, StartHub, Student Challenge, OnePlanet and new Wageningen knowledge companies.

WUR is renting 1,500 m2 of the premises in order to meet its aim of accommodating the entrepreneurs under a single roof. Plus Ultra II will also provide space to starters in the field of technology. Entrepreneurs who, after the launch phase, have progressed further with their development in order to cater to social needs in the area of agro and food through their tailor-made inventions and solutions. For more background, read the resource report of OnePlanet, the main tenant of Plus Ultra II.

New campus floor plan

The growth of Wageningen Campus meant that the floor plan also needed an update. This completely updated floor plan includes not only the latest buildings, but also shows the buildings still in the planning. Apart from the current parking bays and other facilities, of course.