Pruning work on trees from November 4


Pruning work on trees from November 4

Published on
October 28, 2019

Once every three years, all trees on the WUR grounds are checked for their health. This provides a list of maintenance to prevent trees from becoming a safety risk.

Sometimes this means that trees have to be felled or harvested because they are too sick to recover. An old oak on the edge of the Dassenbos is given another chance by candelabrading: the dead branches are sawn off to the trunk because they may pose a danger to traffic on the bus lane. If the tree still has sufficient vigor, it will sprout again. This has already been achieved with other oak trees on the site.

The most common measure is pruning old or bad branches or pruning trees along roads where traffic must pass. This work will be carried out by Donkergroen from 4 November. Although they take traffic into account, this may cause some inconvenience. Felling permits have been submitted for the grubbing of trees. When permits are received, Donkergroen will remove trees that are dead or dangerous early 2020.