Mowing flower meadows and pruning hedges

Published on
July 5, 2021

Previously, we announced that on June 26, our company gardener Donkergroen would mow the flower meadows and that the hedges would be pruned. The hedges are looking fantastic and the view of the roads is clear again. The flower meadows on campus, however, are still blooming and will be mowed at the end of July.

Only the ditch and pond sides are mowed, to ensure a good flow of the water in the ditches and that the ponds don't get clogged. Half of the ditch sides are mowed, alternating left and right. The rest will be done in the autumn. The parts of the ponds that haven't been mowed now, will be mowed next year.

This mowing plan helps to promote species richness and offers plenty of shelter to numerous animals.