agriforensics technology


Find the best fitting solution for your question.

Our goal is to find the best fitting solution for your question. This can range from a single, validated and accredited test to a more complicated, custom-made approach employing the latest technologies.

We can offer expertise with all types of current molecular biological methods. Also, if your question would be better addressed with a more chemical based solution (i.e. detection of metabolites) we will advise you on this point and bring you into contact with the right experts.

Please visit our contact page and send us your particular question.

Available methods:

  • PCR (real time and conventional):
    - Standard methods are available for many food/feed ingredients
    - Custom methods can be developed and in-house validated within weeks.
  • Sequencing (Sanger, 2nd and 3rd generation):
    - Barcoding for specific identification
    - Identification in complex samples
  • LC-MS peptide identification
  • LC-MS small biomolecule identification (metabolites)
  • Many other techniques available for tailor-made solutions to your question!