food agriforensics


Methods available for all major food ingredients.

If you have a question regarding the identity of your food products, AgriForensics may have the answer for you.  We have ready-to-use methods available for all major food ingredients.

Most of these methods are validated and accredited. But, as food products are often complex and consisting of many different components, we will be happy to investigate for you, without any (financial) obligation, what approach will best answer your specific question on the food product of interest.

On the basis of the feedback of our experts you can decide your next steps!


  • Do you want to know on the ingredients of the food you're buying or selling?
  • Do you want to know if there are any or specific plant or animal products present in a particular food product?

Depending on the complexity of the question, the answer may be:

  • a standardized, accredited test
  • a tailor-made test  involving the latest technology
  • the development of novel testing methods

Please visit our contact page and send us your particular question.