Added value of AGORA

We offer the most up-to-date knowledge from public health themes to policy makers and professionals from society in our region. In addition, we continuously develop new, applicable knowledge for programmes and interventions using applied science. This has the following advantages for you and your organisation:

  • More efficient and more effective policy
    AGORA contributes to each phase of the policy-making process. We deliver a foundation for new policy, develop or improve public health programmes and identify programme effectiveness. This approach will result in cost savings. 
  • Delivering products and interventions
    AGORA selects and develops the most effective policy instruments, using research. We develop new interventions, adapt existing interventions to the local context and translate proven-effective interventions into practice.
  • Professional development through training
    AGORA contributes to scientifically sound practices (MHSs) and practice-based research (Wageningen University). As a result, (upcoming) professionals are well educated with respect to nutrition, lifestyle and public health. They have experience in implementing the most up-to-date research methods in practice situations and have knowledge regarding the latest scientific insights.  
  • A broad network
    AGORA had a unique network, facilitating collaboration between regional stakeholders. Together, these stakeholders are able to organise research and policy improvements better and faster, because connections are made easily and the required expertise is quickly available.