Alcohol moderation

The important role of AGORA within the evaluation of the project youth alcohol moderation.

The project

To reduce the amount of alcohol usage among youth, the projects youth alcohol moderation started in 2005 in the area of the Achterhoek and in 2008 in the area of the Stedendriehoek. The final stage of the project, between 2011 and 2013, was guided by ten municipalities, addiction health care, the police, Halt Gelderland and MHS north-east Gelderland. These organisations provided education, regulation and enforcement at those places were young people are. Therefore, the activities focus on parents, schools. sports clubs, catering industry and youth work.

Role played by AGORA

During the implementation, it is important to know how the different activities proceed: what goes well, what does not, what are the reasons for this, and how can it improve? It is also important to know whether the project results in parents who are able to more effectively deal with alcohol education, and in a reduction in the frequency and amount of alcohol young people consume. and age at which young people consume alcohol. Often the process and effect of project is not evaluated because of lacking knowledge or financial resources. AGORA makes research possible by using master students. The processes and activities of this project have fully benefited this research.


It has been demonstrated that the project has already given favourable results among youth and parents in the Achterhoek. The evaluation also revealed to have pleasant side effects, like an increasing motivation among the interviewees and media attention through press releases concerning the results. In the final stage of the project, between 2011 and 2013, it was investigated how the positive results of the project can be secured. Results of this research were initially used to organise securing of the project in the Achterhoek, because the project has ended in this area in 2012.

Thus, AGORA significantly contributes to the exchange between the practice of the project and science. 

Further information:

Regional project manager: Ir. Cobi Izeboud

Policy adviser: Ir. Carolien de Rover

Website MHS north-east Gelderland