ProMuscle in practice

ProMuscle targets fragile elderly and aims to increase muscle strength and muscle mass and to improve physical functioning using progressive power training and additional protein consumption.


The project

The project ProMuscle 65PK includes the translation of the proven-effective programme ProMuscle, which included power training combined with additional protein consumption, to the practice of health care organisation Northwest-Veluwe. In an experimental setting, the programme has resulted in a 40% increase in muscle strength, an increase of 1.3 kilo in muscle mass and a substantial improvement in physical functioning after only 24 weeks. The translation will result in a manual describing the implementation of ProMuscle into practice. The manuals will be tested early 2015 in a pilot study. Subsequently, financial sources are searched to study the influence of ProMuscle 65PK on physical functioning and independence of non-institutionalised elderly.

Role played by AGORA

The expertise of AGORA regarding the translation of proven-effective interventions to practice is extremely valuable in this project. The network of AGORA facilitates intensive collaboration between researchers, professionals from health care organistion Northwest-Veluwe in Harderwijk and FrieslandCampina. In addition, the network offers possibilities to disseminate required knowledge further in the region, and outside the region. 

Veluwse Innovation Award 2014

The project ProMuscle 65PK is nominated for the Veluwse Innovation Award 2014. For this purpose, a promotion video of the project was made, which can be viewed below (in Dutch). 

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Further information

Ellen van Dongen,

Wageningen University, Department Human Nutrition

Tel: 0317-483567