PhysioDom Home Dietary Intake Monitoring

The PhysioDom HDIM project was started in March 2014.


PhysioDom HDIM is a European project to develop, implement and evaluate an E-health instrument to monitor nutritional status and physical activity in non-institutionalised elderly. Aim of the project is to detect undernutrition and inactivity in an early stage, in order to offer tailored advise or health care in time. Early detection occurs through measurements the elderly perform at home. For this purpose, participants receive instruments like a scale, tablet and pedometer. The resuls of the measurements and feedback on these results are communicated through the television of the elderly. A health care provider is automatically signaled when unfavorable changes in for example weight or nutritional status are detected. In this way, health care is provided in a timely manner.

To implement the project, Wageningen University collaborates with health care organisation Northwest Veluwe. In April 2015 a pilot study will take place, after which a larger effect study will follow in January 2016.

Further information

Marije van Doorn (PhD student),

Wageningen Universiteit, Afdeling Humane Voeding

Tel.: 0317-485416