MACSUR SciPol Closing Workshop

Organised by MACSUR SciPol

Fri 18 November 2022

FACCE JPI commenced the MACSUR SciPol project as a pilot to improve the usability of scientific evidence for strategically designing a response to climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges in the agri-food sector in Europe.

With transdisciplinary and modelling approaches, the SciPol pilot generated key lessons in establishing and operationalizing a science-policy knowledge forum. The core output of the MACSUR SciPol is lessons learned in providing science-based response to policy questions that proved operational in exemplary cases related to mitigation and adaptation measures, their impact, synergies, and trade-offs.

MACSUR SciPol will reflect on the lessons from MACSUR SciPol pilot and also discuss the potential directions for a long term project in the closing event.