Valorisation Workshops

Translation of key scientific results into possible policy and practice options or other outputs 

As proposed in the Communication and Valorisation Strategy, FACCE-JPI follows a framework for exploitation, dissemination and communication of key scientific results by translating them into possible policy and practice options or other outputs in order to improve FACCE-JPI impact and visibility. In this regard, FACCE-JPI will put in place one of its instruments: a series of valorisation workshops that aim to valorise FACCE-JPI research project results. 

A pilot valorisation workshop took place in March 2017, which was followed successfully by the FACCE-ERA-NET Plus final meeting in March 2018 and the SURPLUS first call final meeting in November 2018.

Two more workshops were organised, one together with FACCE ERA-GAS (June 2019) and the second together with FACCE SURPLUS (September 2019) to bring together researchers and stakeholders, and to reinforce valorisation of FACCE-JPI results by making them available to end users, including policy makers. 

The valorisation work aims to:

  • Build a dialogue and common understanding between policy needs and research results from funded FACCE-JPI projects
  • Identify the most urgent policy needs for which FACCE-JPI funded projects could contribute and identify projects of which results could feed into these needs
  • Build teams of researchers and stakeholders who could combine relevant policy questions with the results from different projects in order to co-construct key ideas/key-messages to be further developed as policy and/or practice brief(s)