TPOrganics Technology Platform

TPOrganics is the Technology Platform (TP) for organic food and farming research. It integrates views of the organic sector and civil society to represent a broad perspective on research and development priorities that can leverage organic food and farming’s potential to address contemporary challenges.As other European Technology Platforms (ETP) TP Organics plays a key role in highlighting where the focus of research and development funding should be placed.

TP Organics was initiated in 2007 with the aim to identify the research priorities in organic sector, as research is fundamental factor to find solutions to social challenges, development of the sector and innovations. It is the first and only one Technology Platform that deals in particular with organic agriculture and food production.

One of the cornerstones of TP Organics is to engage involvement of stakeholders along the whole food supply chain, including consumers, in determining the needs of research in organic sector. From the very beginning TP Organics is fully opened to wide range of stakeholders, especially to civil society, farmers, and SMEs which are often neglected by other ETPs and in research in general.

Currently, TP Organics members are: 20 EU umbrella organisations in the field of sustainable agriculture research, environment and consumer protection. There are also 18 SMEs and 3 national technology platforms for organic research in Hungary, Italy, and Croatia holding TP Organics membership and a new under-construction national platform in Spain.