Wild Wisdom – A Journey in (re)Connection – iWEEK reviews

Published on
September 13, 2018

The iWEEK 2018 has left a very special and touching memory in OtherWise’s mind. In these 7 days, we gathered with 16 engaged young people, between the age of 18 and 30 years, in the beautiful Ecovillage Ppauw in Wageningen. Lian, Louise and Mali were the coordinators and facilitators of this year’s iWEEK, who - together with external professional trainers - guided the group into a deep process of Connection. From connection to the self, to the other, to the world around you and at last to nature. The interactive and intuitive playground that was created in this week, allowed for an insightful exploration of the undervalued and intricate dimension of ‘inner’ sustainability.

Here you can read a few reviews from participants who wanted to share with you how they experienced this week:

“The iWeek 2018 was a wonderful, healing, joyful, meaningful and fun experience. The content was varied and provided insight into your own triggers, patterns, thoughts and feelings as well as focussing on your relation with nature, the environment and your (local) community. Mali, Louise and Lian (as well as the external trainers) provided a safe atmosphere due to which the group was very close, warm and loving very early on in the week. Being able to be so fully myself, loved by the group and loving each and every participant brought so much happiness and joy..! The solo nature quest at the end of the week was very special - the program was very well built up and allowed for a very deep and profound experience. This week and its beautiful people will be with me, in my heart and mind, for a long time.”

By Kawire Gosselink, participant of iWEEK 2018


“The iWeek was a very special experience for me! I felt that I developed personally and I met a group of inspiring and lovely people. I truly enjoyed the programme since it was carefully thought of. I think it contained valuable workshops around the topic "connection" by dedicated coaches. The exercises and workshops we did provided me with tools I can use in my daily life for coping with internal and external conflicts. During the week the organizers kept track of the individual needs and well-being of all participants very well. They did a great job in creating a safe atmosphere in which we were able to talk openly about our thoughts and feelings. We also got a lot of space to express ourselves creatively. I hope that OtherWise will be able to organize more of such weeks in the future. I think that it is a valuable experience for people who are willing to think deeply about themselves and the world we live in. I am very grateful I could take part in this week!”

By Julia Schäfer, MSc student Forest and Nature Conservation at WUR, participant of iWEEK 2018


“The iWeek - actually the iWeek of wild wisdom. A week of self-discovery, facilitating a connection to nature in a most sustainable way. The program was constructed wisely and implemented with endless love, passion and care by the strong and wonderful women of Ppauw and around. In this week I found myself, love, compassion and everything I needed to go forward in my life and to look to the future of our planet with hope. Supported by a sequence of workshops, exercises and the general frame of the week. An experience that will stay in my heart forever.”

By Leona Puhony, participant of iWEEK 2018